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Perception vs Reality

Mike and Glenn announce that they will be going over to Rumble due to the widespread censorship of YouTube. They also discuss the issues with defunding the police and how the officers of Chicago are turning their back on Mayor Lightfoot as well as the Obama party having one of the biggest tent parties. Obama and the Democrats don’t follow their own rules such as social distancing, wearing masks, and gathering in large masses. But they tell you that you have to follow those rules. Learn about the perception vs reality of the situation that is going on in the U.S.


Mike & Glenn gift us with two episodes this week! They discuss the Andrew Cuomo issue and much more. Enjoy!

Dems Way or Doomsday

On this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics, Glenn and Mike talk about the Dems Way or Doomsday, why you shouldn’t blindly trust the government. They discuss vaccinations and why democrats keep pushing for the American people to get them. Glenn and Mike talk about the hypocrisy of the Democrat establishment and rules for thee, but not for me. Another topic Glenn and Mike discuss is the recent recommendation of facemasks for indoor businesses such as restaurants, churches, and schools. They discuss why Governor Andrew Cuomo can’t force businesses to require facemasks. Get all your news and much more on this episode.

American Pride

Welcome back to another episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. Mike Lomas is taking the week off. We have special guest Ryan Norton on today’s show to talk about American Pride.

First, we would love to thank Kelsey and Kelsey, our marketing team, for putting together one of the best Client Appreciation Events ever. We had over 1,000 guests attend the event, and we would like to also thank those guests for attending and being such wonderful clients of The Financial Guys.

We take a trip down memory lane on today’s show and talk about how we started the show. We wanted to share how politics vastly influences the economy. We also talk about the Olympics debacle, with views being down 33% from just a few years ago due to the lack of American Pride in our athletes.

Also, on the agenda today, we discuss more COVID-19 news and hypocrisy. Dr. Fauci is talking about adding additional mask mandates for vaccinated individuals. The Biden administration continues to fail at running America and much more. Catch up on all the news here!

Vaccine Lies & Misinformation

Welcome back to another fantastic episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. Mike and Glenn talk about one of the biggest issues currently in the U.S., the COVID-19 vaccine. There are so many vaccine, lies, and misinformation all over the internet. The mainstream media is pushing the COVID vaccine agenda, especially toward the ages of 12 and under. President Biden wants kids younger than 12 to get the vaccine, but is it necessary and, more importantly, safe? Just because we do not want the rushed COVID vaccine doesn’t mean we are anti-vaxxers. Watch the episode for the latest news.

Cuban Crisis

Welcome back to another great episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. Mike and Glenn discuss the Cuban Crisis, where Cubans are protesting their Government’s tyranny due to communism and why Cubans want to be part of the free world.

Mike and Glenn also talk about COVID-19 and the issue happening in New Zealand. Children are getting sick due to the lockdowns and the poor handling of the Coronavirus. Face diapers are preventing children from building a proper immune system. Respiratory illnesses are the number one problem in New Zealand due to face diapers.

Also on the agenda, Mike and Glenn talk about the lunacy of the democrat party and how poorly democrat run states handled the Coronavirus. They talk about the corruption in the media and the Government, and much more. Watch here for all the details.

Chicago Shootings

Welcome back to another great episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. We have an excellent show for you. We discuss the increase of Chicago shootings since Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been in office. We compare the leadership of the democrat establishment that ran the city into the ground and the fantastic leadership of Republican ran cities and states.

We also discuss how mainstream media pushes false narratives such as Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, and places all over Western New York and the country hiring for jobs, but no one wants to fill them. Learn this and other details here!

Snowplows and Schools

Welcome back to The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. Mike and Glenn discuss the latest in coronavirus news for New York. Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted; however, segregation exists at many places for unvaccinated individuals. Andrew Cuomo uses the money to do state-wide fireworks instead of helping small businesses. His emergency powers are still at play.

They talk about kids getting vaccinated despite the heart issues that the vaccine could cause to children. Mike and Glenn also discuss the economy in the nation, problems in cities like Chicago, and snowplows and schools, an excuse used by the liberal left to justify their actions. Hear all this, plus more on today’s episode.

Moving the Goalpost

Welcome to The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle talk about increased taxes, the rise in gas prices, democrat policies that favor the rich, and media censorship. They also discuss President Biden’s recent G7 Summit appearance and his recent press releases. Watch all this and more on today’s episode.