Manipulation of Information: Lack of Accountability in Politics

Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich are back with another episode of The Financial Guys Podcast. The topic of criticism and controversy in Biden’s policies and societal issues is a hot-button issue that has sparked a myriad of debates and discussions. Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich, both seasoned commentators, offer their unique perspectives on this topic. Sperrazza, with his critical stance, expresses concern about Biden’s Iran deescalation strategy and the administration’s focus on foreign issues while neglecting domestic concerns. He also questions the accountability of the Biden administration and the concept of sanctuary cities. Hoeflich, on the other hand, shares similar skepticism about Biden’s approach to Iran and the administration’s priorities. He also voices his disapproval of the left’s tendency to categorize and separate people based on race, religion, and ethnicity. Join Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich as they delve deeper into these issues on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:01:17) Biden’s Iran strategy and nuclear weapon concerns

(00:04:29) Release of illegal immigrant rape suspect

(00:10:03) The Negative Impact of Emphasizing Race

(00:14:37) Government’s Request for Financial Institutions to Search Customer Data

(00:18:42) The Feasibility of Proposed Climate Change Solutions

(00:23:24) Manipulation of Information and Lack of Accountability


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