America’s Comeback: Addressing the Southern Border Crisis

Mike Sperrazza is back with more TFG Exclusive Interviews, today talking with 3 special guests from the Turning Point USA conference last week. Roger Stone, a prominent figure in American politics and a contributor to Turning Point USA, and Morgonn McMichael, a retired captain from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s intelligence and counterterrorism division, are both deeply involved in the discussion of the border crisis through their work with Border 911. Stone, known for his staunch support of Donald Trump and his critical view of corruption within American institutions, brings a conservative perspective to the topic of “turning point usa america fest: trump defense, gen z conservatism, and border crisis”. McMichael, on the other hand, uses his background in law enforcement and his firsthand knowledge of the border crisis to advocate for policy changes and new authorities to combat the activities of Mexican cartels. Border 911, a team dedicated to understanding and addressing the issues at the border, emphasizes the urgent need for government action to protect the American people from the harmful effects of the cartels. Join Mike Sperrazza, Roger Stone, Morgonn McMichael, and Border 911 on this TFG Exclusive Interview to delve deeper into these pressing issues.


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