The Suppression of Conservative Voices on College Campuses

The discourse surrounding social, political, and cultural issues in America is a complex and multifaceted one, often sparking heated debates and discussions. In this context, Glenn Wiggle and Mike Sperrazza, hosts of The Financial Guys Podcast, bring their unique perspectives to the table. Glenn Wiggle, with his conservative viewpoint, criticizes institutions like Harvard for their perceived lack of freedom of speech and failure to address anti-Semitism, while also expressing frustration with the right’s inaction on issues such as the border crisis and voter integrity. Mike Sperrazza, also holding a conservative perspective, supports Donald Trump’s “retribution tour,” criticizes liberal universities for their perceived lack of freedom of speech, and expresses concern about the situation at the southern border. Both hosts advocate for conservative values and principles in addressing these issues. Join Glenn Wiggle and Mike Sperrazza on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast as they delve deeper into these pressing issues.

(00:00:29) The Suppression of Conservative Voices on College Campuses

(00:01:46) The Impact of Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

(00:08:23) Addressing Privileges in Ohio State’s Health Course

(00:12:19) Seizing Opportunities: Success for Immigrants in America

(00:16:01) Separate Competitions Based on Biological Differences

(00:30:01) Uncovering Epstein’s Influential Connections through Flight Logs

(00:33:23) The Enigmatic Origins of Epstein’s Wealth

(00:40:23) Republican Party’s Failure to Address Voter Integrity Complaints

(00:42:47) The Devastating Impact of Chinese Fentanyl

(00:49:17) The Urgent Need for True Political Representation

(00:57:20) Lack of Trust and Accountability in FBI


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