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Reviving Individual Rights: The Fight Against Dictatorship

Mike Sperrazza is back with THREE Exclusive interviews today from his trip to the Turning Point USA conference. Nicole Tsai, a US citizen originally from China, Liz Willis, a conservative personality, and Erica Kious, a salon owner known for exposing a political figure’s disregard for safety protocols, all share a strong commitment to advocating for individual rights and independence. Tsai, a member of the political movement known as the new federal state of China, is driven by her desire to dismantle the Chinese Communist Party and liberate people from dictatorship and communist control. Willis, with her experience and active presence on social media, emphasizes the importance of personal freedom and autonomy, while Kious, through her actions, demonstrates a commitment to holding individuals accountable for their actions. All three women see similarities between the government overreach and violations of individual liberty in both China and America, and they believe in the importance of fighting for freedom and preventing America from turning into a country with a big government that restricts individual rights. Join Mike Sperrazza, Nicole Tsai, Liz Willis, and Erica Kious on this TFG Exclusive Interview to delve deeper into their perspectives.


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