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Growing Concerns of Suppressed Dissent and Rights with Christina Bobb

Welcome back to another TFG Exclusive Interview with your host, Mike Sperrazza. Today, Mike is talking to Christina Bobb. Christina Bobb, a Trump attorney at Save America, has a profound understanding of the ongoing legal challenges and controversies surrounding President Trump, a perspective she has developed through her extensive legal work and research, including her book “Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024.” Bobb views these legal challenges as politically motivated, lacking in merit, and a diversion from more pressing issues. She criticizes individuals like Letitia James and Stacey Abrams for using these cases as political stunts to further their own ambitions, rather than genuine efforts to uphold the law. Bobb also expresses concern for the impact of these cases on the Trump Organization’s employees and the residents of New York. To hear more about Christina Bobb’s insights, join Mike Sperrazza and Christina Bobb on this episode of the TFG Exclusive Interview podcast.

(00:01:09) President Trump’s Alleged Over inflation of Real Estate Assets in New York Civil Case

(00:08:49) Trump’s Alleged Election Fraud Investigation Defense

(00:12:22) The Republican Party’s Failure to Uphold Conservative Values

(00:15:52) Labeling Opinions as Hate Speech: A Concern

(00:18:20) Presidential Records Act: Archivist’s Authority Dispute

(00:26:41) Financial Burden of Trump’s Legal Cases

(00:30:11) Growing Concerns of Suppressed Dissent and Rights


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