Monthly Archives: August 2021

Courtesy of the Taxpayers

Get ready for another great show. Mike and Glenn discuss the absolute disaster of the Biden Administration and how they handled Afghanistan and Bagram Air Base. They talk about the pallets of cash left behind for the Taliban to take, courtesy of the taxpayers in the United States. They also talk about all the hardware and munitions that the Biden Administration has left for the Taliban. Also on the table of discussion is the recent terror attack that resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. soldiers. All this and much more on today’s episode.

The Collapse of Cuomo

The reign of Cuomo is finally over. Hurray!! Andrew Cuomo has left the building, and we couldn’t be any happier. Mike and Glenn discuss the atrocities that Cuomo has committed and how badly he ruined New York State. What leads to Cuomo’s inevitable downfall? Find out on The Collapse of Cuomo.

Slugs of Society

The countdown to Cuomo’s boot out of the office is underway. Cuomo will be gone in less than 14 days, and another democrat will step up to run New York. Mike and Glenn discuss the children’s COVID-19 cases and how media outlets in Western New York hyper-inflate the virus by fearmongering the public. Mike and Glenn called it right in 2020 when children were forced to wear masks, and now immune systems are down, and respiratory cases are up in children.

Mike and Glenn also discuss the Taliban takeover, CRT or Critical Race Theory being forced into schools, and domestic terrorism. Watch and see what Mike and Glenn think of these slugs of society trying to take over your country.

Perception vs Reality

Mike and Glenn announce that they will be going over to Rumble due to the widespread censorship of YouTube. They also discuss the issues with defunding the police and how the officers of Chicago are turning their back on Mayor Lightfoot as well as the Obama party having one of the biggest tent parties. Obama and the Democrats don’t follow their own rules such as social distancing, wearing masks, and gathering in large masses. But they tell you that you have to follow those rules. Learn about the perception vs reality of the situation that is going on in the U.S.

Dems Way or Doomsday

On this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics, Glenn and Mike talk about the Dems Way or Doomsday, why you shouldn’t blindly trust the government. They discuss vaccinations and why democrats keep pushing for the American people to get them. Glenn and Mike talk about the hypocrisy of the Democrat establishment and rules for thee, but not for me. Another topic Glenn and Mike discuss is the recent recommendation of facemasks for indoor businesses such as restaurants, churches, and schools. They discuss why Governor Andrew Cuomo can’t force businesses to require facemasks. Get all your news and much more on this episode.