Concerns Over AI Programming and Government Control

Welcome back to another Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas. In today’s world, debates and controversies in the realms of environment, technology, healthcare, and politics are increasingly shaping our society and the way we live. Glenn and Mike bring their unique perspectives to these discussions. Glenn, with his skeptical and critical viewpoint, often challenges the mainstream narratives, particularly those advocating for environmental sustainability while simultaneously relying on oil and gas-based products. Mike, on the other hand, holds a conservative perspective, frequently criticizing liberal Democrats for their perceived hypocrisy and questioning the agendas of organizations like the World Economic Forum. Their experiences and backgrounds have shaped these perspectives, providing a fresh and thought-provoking take on these complex issues. Join Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast as they delve into these debates and controversies, offering their insightful commentary and analysis.

(00:01:33) The Clash of Perspectives: Sustainable Planet vs. Growing Population

(00:06:43) Revolutionizing Medicine: AI’s Impact on Communication

(00:08:38) Concerns over AI programming and government control

(00:19:22) Controversial functionality of Canada’s life alert system

(00:23:08) Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial Hawaiian compound

(00:27:32) China’s oppressive communist regime and human rights abuses

(00:28:29) Controversial Clinton-Russia uranium deal raises questions


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