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Power Plays: 2020 Elections & Beyond with Liz Willis

Welcome back to another TFG Exclusive Interview with host, Mike Sperrazza. Today’s guest is tech executive, Liz Willis. Mike and Liz are shedding light on the current state of the Republican party and the highly anticipated 2024 election. Delving fearlessly into pressing issues, Mike and Liz discuss the urgency of fixing the two-tier justice system and dispelling misconceptions that plague the party, focusing instead on championing the rights of everyday Americans. Analyzing the latest polling data, they explore potential frontrunners for the 2024 election, agreeing that President Trump is likely to secure the GOP nomination. They also address the concerning over-prescription of medication, advocating for healthier approaches to managing mental illness and stress in society. With their shared passion for change and reform, Mike and Liz offer fresh insights into the path ahead for the Republican party and the nation at large.

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