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Rising Auto Theft Rates: Urban Consequences and Solutions

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas, the focus is on Rising Grocery and Gas Prices: A Burden on Americans. The hosts delve into the increasing public frustration surrounding critical issues such as inflation, rising crime rates, and societal inequities. They examine the root causes of these concerns, emphasizing the need for effective solutions to address the challenges at hand. From the handling of domestic violence allegations within the political sphere to the economic impact of inflation, Glenn and Mike offer thought-provoking insights and propose potential remedies. Join them in this episode as they explore these pressing national issues and consider the trade-offs and complexities involved in finding balanced solutions.

(00:00:00) Morning News Rundown

(00:04:38) Reducing College Debt and Fiscal Responsibility

(00:12:22) Target Store Closures and the Impact on Communities

(00:14:25) Rising Auto Theft Rates and Urban Consequences

(00:16:45) Controversy Surrounding Dr. Fauci and COVID-19 Treatments

(00:24:49) Predatory Colleges and Student Loan Debt

(00:28:42) Combating Drug Cartels and Government Corruption

(00:33:59) Florida’s divided real estate market surpasses New York State

(00:38:23) Increasing Income with a Reverse Mortgage

(00:41:03) The Intersection of Homelessness and Mental Illness

Republican Debates, Election Predictions, and Media Criticism

Welcome back to another episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich. Today, the Mikes delve into the upcoming second Republican debate, election predictions, and media criticism. They provide valuable insights into the key factors that impact these areas and shed light on the challenges and tradeoffs involved in analyzing the Republican debate, making election predictions, and critiquing the media. By engaging in thoughtful analysis and staying informed, individuals can make more informed decisions about the political landscape and contribute to a more robust democratic process.

(00:03:16) The Impact of Republican Debates on Poll Numbers

(00:08:47) The Impact of Trump’s Lead in Polls

(00:12:49) Uncertainty in Biden’s candidacy due to election meddling concerns

(00:15:08) CNN’s outdated news stories on childlessness

(00:28:55) Candidates’ Views on Ukraine and Border

(00:28:55) Candidates’ Stances on Supporting Ukraine

Growing Unease: Current Administration’s Approach to Security and Travel with David Bellavia

Welcome back to another TFG Exclusive Interview, hosted by Mike Sperrazza! Today’s guest is David Bellavia. David is a highly decorated Staff Sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient, and a prominent voice in discussing global issues, thanks to his extensive military background and experience in Afghanistan. Bellavia has been vocal about his views on the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Obama administration’s trade involving Bo Bergdahl, and the resurgence of the Taliban. He has also criticized the misinformation from the White House regarding the President of Afghanistan and the equipment left in the country. In terms of the 2024 Republican primary race, Bellavia believes in the need for a radical change and has suggested RFK Jr. as a potential vice presidential candidate. He also believes that conversations are already being had with Donald Trump and other potential candidates, praising Trump’s decision-making abilities. Join Mike Sperrazza and David Bellavia as they delve deeper into these topics on this TFG Exclusive Interview.

(00:00:50) Negative Repercussions of the Afghanistan Withdrawal

(00:04:47) The Devastating Consequences of Ukraine’s War

(00:11:30) Border Crisis: Overwhelming System and Contradictory Approach

(00:15:32) Skepticism and Implications of the Iran Nuclear Deal

(00:20:27) Growing Unease: Current Administration’s Approach to Security and Travel

(00:25:35) Choosing a Unifying and Experienced Vice President

(00:33:16) Diverse Field of Potential Republican Candidates

Solutions to Student Loan Debt: Bridging the Partisan Divide with Alan Collinge

Welcome back to a very special episode of The Financial Guys! Today, Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle discuss the current state of the student loan system with Alan Collinge. Alan Collinge, a prominent advocate for reform in the student loan system, has a background in engineering and a career in the defense industry. Collinge’s perspective on the crisis in the student loan system is rooted in his personal experience as a long-term defaulted student loan borrower, where he was a victim of predatory lending practices that escalated his loans to over $100,000 with penalties and fees. He believes that the system is riddled with corruption, with consumer protections systematically removed from student loans by Congress, colleges, and the Department of Education. Collinge advocates for the restoration of bankruptcy rights for student loans, the suspension of the lending program, and the investigation and prosecution of those running the Office of Federal Student Aid. Join Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas as they delve into these issues with Alan Collinge on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:01:23) Exploitative Student Loan System: Stripping Consumer Protections

(00:06:05) The Neglect of Quality Education in College

(00:13:30) Restoring Bankruptcy Rights for Student Loans

(00:17:28) Rising Costs and Lack of Accountability

(00:21:50) The Neglect of Teaching Life Skills

(00:24:05) The Impact of Extreme Solutions on Student Loan Debt

(00:28:19) Colleges’ Financial Practices and Educational Priorities

(00:38:50) Government Accountability and Predatory Lending Reform

Country Music and Political Bias

Welcome back to another episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, with hosts Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich! Today, we delve into the diverse landscape of US regional news, spanning sports triumphs, legal shifts, and cultural debates. Mike Sperrazza, known for his critical stance on liberal cultural affairs committees, shares his views on the removal of historical statues and the consideration of reparations, arguing against what he perceives as an erasure of history. On the other hand, Mike Hoeflich, with his conservative perspective, discusses the recent Buffalo Bills’ victory, criticizes the no cash bail policy in Illinois, and expresses skepticism towards government-controlled grocery stores in Chicago. Both Sperrazza and Hoeflich’s perspectives are shaped by their respective backgrounds and experiences. Join us on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast as we navigate these complex and intriguing topics.

(00:00:08) Buffalo Bills’ Victory Unites and Inspires

(00:01:14) Illinois Democrats Implement No Cash Bail

(00:08:04) Skepticism Towards Government-Owned Grocery Stores in Chicago

(00:10:39) The Economic Impact of Illegal Immigration

(00:17:16) The Intersection of Country Music and Political Bias

The Political Strategy Behind Open Borders with George Papadopoulos

Mike Sperrazza is back with another TFG Exclusive Interview! Today he sits down with George Papadopoulos. George Papadopoulos is a well-known media personality and political commentator with a rich background in the media industry and active involvement in politics. His perspective on the divisiveness in American politics and potential 2024 election candidates is shaped by his belief that social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram have significantly contributed to the division in American society. He expresses concern about the influence of these platforms on young people and the rise of extreme ideologies. Papadopoulos also emphasizes the importance of the upcoming 2024 election, predicting that Donald Trump will likely be the nominee and the next President of the United States, while criticizing other potential candidates for lacking leadership experience and consistency in their beliefs. Join Mike Sperrazza and George Papadopoulos as they delve deeper into these issues on another TFG Exclusive Interview.

(00:00:17) The Unity and Resilience of America

(00:04:45) The Trump Derangement Syndrome Phenomenon

(00:06:17) Trump’s Indictments Boosting 2024 Election Prospects

(00:19:46) Tracy Gnome: The Ideal 2024 Election Candidate

(00:27:34) The Political Strategy Behind Open Borders

(00:28:58) Divided Ukraine: NATO West, Russia East

Rising Grocery and Gas Prices: A Burden on Americans

In today’s episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle, we dive deep into the growing public frustration surrounding a multitude of pressing issues. From the handling of domestic violence allegations within the political sphere to the unsettling rise of everyday item prices, concerns about educational failures, government corruption, unequal sentencing, and debates about book banning and censorship, the public is demanding change and a reevaluation of our current systems. The episode unravels the complexities of these frustrations, shedding light on the perceived political hypocrisy, societal divisions, and the urgent need for effective solutions to address the root causes of rising costs. As we navigate these intricate challenges, the importance of transparency, accountability, and prioritizing the well-being of the public in decision-making becomes ever clearer, pointing the way toward a more equitable and inclusive society.

(00:00:46) Immigrant Impact on Queens Elementary Schools

(00:04:53) Democratic Party’s Response to Domestic Violence

(00:07:29) The Impact of Political Division on America

(00:11:00) The Impact of Rising Grocery and Gas Prices

(00:13:15) The Controversial Effectiveness of the Department of Education

(00:17:18) Dr. Fauci’s Alleged Corruption and Hidden Agenda

(00:21:04) Sentencing Discrepancies: Riot vs. Vehicular Manslaughter

(00:30:00) The Influence of Social Factors on Book Banning

(00:41:53) Missed Opportunities for Development in Niagara Falls

Preventing Terrorism and Illegal Entry: Border Security

In the latest episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich delve into a thought-provoking discussion on national unity, border security, and current issues. Sperrazza, with his firm belief in the importance of border security, argues that a lax approach to border control could potentially pave the way for another 9/11, allowing not just drugs and human smugglers, but also terrorists to infiltrate the country. On the other hand, Hoeflich emphasizes the need for national unity, reminiscing about the unity that prevailed post 9/11, and expressing concern over the current division in the country, particularly in relation to border protection and the role of schools and progressives in decision-making. Join Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich as they dissect these pressing issues on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

BONUS episode – From Marine to Entrepreneur: Overcoming Challenges and Thriving

Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle are bringing you a bonus episode and interview as part of a new entrepreneurship mini-series! On this bonus episode, Mike and Glenn engage in a riveting conversation with Robby Dinero, a former Marine and tenacious gym owner. Their discussion unveils the formidable challenges of launching and sustaining a business, particularly in the tumultuous landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dinero’s journey serves as a beacon of resilience and determination, underscoring the sacrifices and personal impacts borne by business owners. The transition from a military career to entrepreneurship is a focal point, with Dinero emphasizing the need for purpose and fulfillment in post-military life. He recommends ventures like J-Dog Junk Removal and Hauling, a veteran-owned franchise that aligns with military values. Amidst the pandemic, starting a gym presented its own set of hurdles, and Dinero’s unwavering spirit prevailed through meticulous planning and strategic location selection. The episode also features insights from Mike Lomas, offering his perspective on launching new endeavors. J-Dog Junk Removal and Hauling’s remarkable journey from a modest operation to the nation’s largest veteran-owned franchise serves as inspiration for aspiring business owners. Ultimately, the episode champions the significance of resilience, adaptability, and strategic thinking in navigating the intricate path of business ownership, a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurs facing adversity head-on.

Incentivizing Immigration Reform for Broken Legislation

In this TFG Exclusive Interview hosted by Mike Sperrazza on ‘The Financial Guys Podcast,’ national immigration attorney, Matthew Kolken, delves into pressing issues that demand our attention. The conversation navigates through the United States’ immigration crisis, dissecting potential solutions to the backlog and exploring challenges in achieving bipartisan agreement. Kolken also sheds light on the concept of federalism, examining the possibility of states having more control over their borders. The interview unravels the impact of political bias on the justice system and proposes a state-level approach to accountability. Join this insightful discussion for a deep dive into these critical matters.