Rising Auto Theft Rates: Urban Consequences and Solutions

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas, the focus is on Rising Grocery and Gas Prices: A Burden on Americans. The hosts delve into the increasing public frustration surrounding critical issues such as inflation, rising crime rates, and societal inequities. They examine the root causes of these concerns, emphasizing the need for effective solutions to address the challenges at hand. From the handling of domestic violence allegations within the political sphere to the economic impact of inflation, Glenn and Mike offer thought-provoking insights and propose potential remedies. Join them in this episode as they explore these pressing national issues and consider the trade-offs and complexities involved in finding balanced solutions.

(00:00:00) Morning News Rundown

(00:04:38) Reducing College Debt and Fiscal Responsibility

(00:12:22) Target Store Closures and the Impact on Communities

(00:14:25) Rising Auto Theft Rates and Urban Consequences

(00:16:45) Controversy Surrounding Dr. Fauci and COVID-19 Treatments

(00:24:49) Predatory Colleges and Student Loan Debt

(00:28:42) Combating Drug Cartels and Government Corruption

(00:33:59) Florida’s divided real estate market surpasses New York State

(00:38:23) Increasing Income with a Reverse Mortgage

(00:41:03) The Intersection of Homelessness and Mental Illness


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