Republican Debates, Election Predictions, and Media Criticism

Welcome back to another episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich. Today, the Mikes delve into the upcoming second Republican debate, election predictions, and media criticism. They provide valuable insights into the key factors that impact these areas and shed light on the challenges and tradeoffs involved in analyzing the Republican debate, making election predictions, and critiquing the media. By engaging in thoughtful analysis and staying informed, individuals can make more informed decisions about the political landscape and contribute to a more robust democratic process.

(00:03:16) The Impact of Republican Debates on Poll Numbers

(00:08:47) The Impact of Trump’s Lead in Polls

(00:12:49) Uncertainty in Biden’s candidacy due to election meddling concerns

(00:15:08) CNN’s outdated news stories on childlessness

(00:28:55) Candidates’ Views on Ukraine and Border

(00:28:55) Candidates’ Stances on Supporting Ukraine


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