Wealthy Hypocrisy & Tax Abuse

Welcome to The Financial Guys Podcast, where hosts Mike Lomas and Mike Sperrazza dive deep into the current state of the Democratic Party and the challenges facing New York State. Through candid discussions, they shed light on the hypocrisy of the wealthy not using their resources to support environmental causes, contrasting it with Warren Buffett’s tax avoidance strategies. They also explore critical topics such as the growing homeless population, the lack of regulation on politicians receiving free stocks, the importance of budgeting, and the dysfunction of New York State.

In this episode, Mike and Mike uncover the consequences of prioritizing money over values within the left-wing radical party. With a significant exodus of taxpayers leaving New York State, they analyze the repercussions, including the shifting balance of political power. They express frustration over voters continually supporting ineffective politicians, despite worsening outcomes. The hosts also delve into education, highlighting the alarming decline in Buffalo’s graduation rates alongside increased funding. Stay informed, engaged, and ready to navigate the complex world of finance and politics with the Financial Guys.

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