Biden’s Drug Crisis: A Bizarro Land?

Join Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich as they tackle the urgent drug crisis in the United States on The Financial Guys Podcast. The hosts delve into the accusations against the Biden Administration for their alleged inaction in addressing this critical issue and provide an insightful analysis of the current state of the US government. Recent episodes of the podcast have shed light on the shocking discovery of cocaine within the White House, exposing a significant discrepancy between the administration’s promise of transparency and honor. With a keen eye for solutions, the hosts propose implementing advanced security measures like cameras and fingerprint tracking to trace the origins of the illicit substance. Drawing on their expertise, they make references to Dan Bongino, a former White House employee, and suggest embarking on a “CSI-style” investigation starting with the President’s son.

The Financial Guys Podcast also delves into other pertinent subjects related to the drug crisis. The hosts critique Jake Tapper from CNN for his swift dismissal of allegations against the Biden family as “Russian disinformation” and his condescending tone towards his audience. Additionally, they highlight Denver Riggleman, a former GOP congressman, who is now involved in supporting Hunter Biden’s case concerning crack use and illegal guns. The podcast brings attention to the controversial decision in Portland to distribute smoking supplies to fentanyl addicts, a move that has faced backlash from drug counselors who argue it fails to address addiction adequately. Throughout their discussions, Mike and Mike challenge their listeners to question the prevailing narratives and to resist the current state of affairs. Tune in to The Financial Guys Podcast for in-depth insights into these crucial issues.

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