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Controversial Trans Policies and Woke Companies

Welcome to The Financial Guys Podcast! Join hosts Mike Sperrazza and Stefan Mychajliw as they discuss the latest political and social issues affecting businesses and individuals. In this episode, they dive deep into the recent transgender policy memo in Erie County and its impact on safety and accountability. The hosts express their disapproval of gender-inclusive bathrooms and the involvement of children in transgender activism, urging listeners to consider the long-term consequences of gender reassignment surgery. On a lighter note, they also discuss the pitfalls of woke culture in business and the recent controversy surrounding Bud Light’s marketing campaign. The hosts offer their opinions on the importance of supporting like-minded businesses and candidates in future elections and encourage listeners to get involved in their local communities. Don’t miss their morning show on financialguysmedia.com, and tune in to their podcasts for more intriguing discussions about money, politics, and everything in between!

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