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Growing Unease: Current Administration’s Approach to Security and Travel with David Bellavia

Welcome back to another TFG Exclusive Interview, hosted by Mike Sperrazza! Today’s guest is David Bellavia. David is a highly decorated Staff Sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient, and a prominent voice in discussing global issues, thanks to his extensive military background and experience in Afghanistan. Bellavia has been vocal about his views on the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Obama administration’s trade involving Bo Bergdahl, and the resurgence of the Taliban. He has also criticized the misinformation from the White House regarding the President of Afghanistan and the equipment left in the country. In terms of the 2024 Republican primary race, Bellavia believes in the need for a radical change and has suggested RFK Jr. as a potential vice presidential candidate. He also believes that conversations are already being had with Donald Trump and other potential candidates, praising Trump’s decision-making abilities. Join Mike Sperrazza and David Bellavia as they delve deeper into these topics on this TFG Exclusive Interview.

(00:00:50) Negative Repercussions of the Afghanistan Withdrawal

(00:04:47) The Devastating Consequences of Ukraine’s War

(00:11:30) Border Crisis: Overwhelming System and Contradictory Approach

(00:15:32) Skepticism and Implications of the Iran Nuclear Deal

(00:20:27) Growing Unease: Current Administration’s Approach to Security and Travel

(00:25:35) Choosing a Unifying and Experienced Vice President

(00:33:16) Diverse Field of Potential Republican Candidates


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Back to School

Mike and Glenn are back to talk about the latest news with COVID 19, government control of your freedoms, and the start of the school year. They discuss the fake news concerning an overrun hospital and ivermectin. They talk about mask mandates for school children and the outrage of concerned parents. Glen and Mike also talk about a Florida restaurant that has taken the internet by storm by refusing to service Biden supporters. All this and more on today’s episode.