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The Trump Indictment: Political Persecution or Justice Served? with Mike Crispi

Mike Sperrazza is back with another TFG Exclusive Interview! Today, he’s talking to political commentator, Mike Crispi, about the recent Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, the indictment against Trump, criticism surrounding a black woman prosecutor going after him, concerns about the future of the Republican Party, the importance of charisma in politics, issues of mass mailing, the US Women’s National Team’s performance, a store owner being sued for assault, and the need for stronger crime prevention measures. They express their support for Trump and view the indictment as political persecution, while also criticizing the justice system and expressing concerns about political manipulation. They discuss their disappointment in the Republican Party’s current field of candidates and question its alignment with their values. They also touch on issues of free speech, patriotism, and property rights. In the final conversation, they advocate for harsher punishments and allowing people to be armed and use force as crime prevention measures, while criticizing certain politicians for their perceived lack of understanding.

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