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Consequences of McCarthy’s Deal with Democrats

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle delve into the complex and often controversial topics of crime, politics, and social issues in left-wing cities. Mike Lomas, viewing these cities through a critical lens, attributes the escalating crime rates to liberal ideologies and policies such as no bail and defunding the police. Glenn Wiggle echoes these sentiments, highlighting specific incidents to illustrate the potential dangers of living in left-wing cities. Their perspectives, shaped by their experiences and observations, offer a unique insight into the challenges and issues faced by these cities. Join Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle as they unpack these issues in this thought-provoking episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:01:07) The Complexity of Mentally Ill Criminals

(00:02:55) Limited job prospects for tattooed ex-convicts

(00:07:13) Rising Crime Rates and Public Safety Concerns

(00:09:50) Evolution and Effectiveness of Immigration Policy

(00:16:24) Consequences of McCarthy’s deal with Democrats

(00:24:40) Divergent Approaches to Addressing Sex Trafficking

(00:28:43) Growing skepticism surrounding COVID vaccine efficacy

(00:34:29) Job availability and welfare support for asylum seekers and residents

(00:38:35) SpaceX’s Unprecedented Payload Delivery and Satellite Deployment


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