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Gun Laws, Border Crisis & Identity Politics with Erin Elmore

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, host Mike Sperrazza and guest Erin Elmore dive into various controversial topics, from illegal immigration and gun control to the mental health crisis and 2024 election prospects. The conversation is led by the issue of immigration and its impact on the country’s resources and safety. They also criticize the current administration’s lack of action and accountability concerning the influx of refugees at the Texas-Mexico border. The discussion covers various hot-button issues, including drag time story hour, the trans movement, and the need for parents to protect their children from inappropriate content. The hosts also share their views on gun control and the rise of violent acts committed by mentally unstable individuals. They discuss their support for DeSantis and Trump and the potential for a Democrat to win the next presidential election. This episode is full of passionate opinions and thought-provoking insights that are sure to engage and educate.

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