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Fact-Checking The Fake News

On today’s episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, Mike Sperrazza and Glenn Wiggle’s conversation delved into the potential dangers of believing false news and propaganda on social media, as well as the need for transparency in government. They discussed the Sea Level Rising Myth, Climate Change Misinformation, Auto Theft, Electric Car Rebates, Chris Christie’s Record as Governor, the Obama Martha’s Vineyard Incident, and Propaganda in Media. Furthermore, the podcast highlighted the importance of fact-checking and being aware of the potential effects of propaganda in the media. It also emphasized the need for a clear platform and vision for the future, as well as the importance of addressing more pressing issues such as crime and the lack of affordable housing.

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Dirtbag Visionary

In today’s episode, Mike and Glenn talk a little about politics and the markets. They discuss the increasing inflation in the U.S. and how it impacts local businesses and citizens. They also discuss the issues with coronavirus and the lies being spread amongst major media outlets. Mike and Glenn also talk about how some politicians are taking advantage of their citizens with the coronavirus and the vaccine. They also dive into Elon Musk and Tesla. Listen here for more on today’s episode.