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Lack of Journalistic Scrutiny: Government Spending and Accountability

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, Mike Lomas and Ron Reinstein delve into the contentious issues surrounding Erie County’s policies, particularly focusing on diversity hiring, COVID recovery, and immigration. Mike Lomas, known for his critical perspective, expresses frustration with the county’s handling of the migrant crisis and the response to the blizzard, accusing the county of prioritizing personal needs over the well-being of residents. Ron Reinstein, on the other hand, highlights the significant challenges and financial burdens Erie County is facing as a result of these policies, advocating for actions to ensure the safety and fiscal responsibility of Erie County. Both Lomas and Reinstein’s perspectives are shaped by their experiences and understanding of the county’s policies and actions. Join Mike Lomas and Ron Reinstein as they dissect these issues further on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:00:36) Bill Stadium Task Force’s Controversial Hiring Approach

(00:07:14) Lack of Journalistic Scrutiny in Government Spending

(00:09:03) Challenges of Economic Recovery and Borrowed Funds

(00:14:37) The Financial Burden of Housing Asylum Seekers

(00:19:08) Disparity in School Vaccination and Immigration Vetting

(00:27:34) Federal Consequences of Open Borders

(00:36:08) Taxpayer-Funded Vaccination Hiring Controversy

(00:41:05) Erie County: Poverty, Crime, and Community Struggles

(00:43:05) Blizzard Response: Lack of Preparedness and Communication

(00:54:31) Critiques and Advocacy within the MeToo Movement


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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough. Mike and Glenn discuss the recent mandates occurring in Erie County due to the tyrannical rule of Mark Poloncarz. Mask mandates are currently in effect all because of paranoia. They also discuss how the local media lies to perpetuate the COVID-19 farce, the real reason why hospitals are having a tough time with capacity, and much more. Listen here for all the details.