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Unethical Incentives

Join Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas on The Financial Guys podcast as they take a critical look at the medical industry and their questionable, perhaps unethical incentives for pushing the COVID vaccine to patients without disclosing their financial interests. The hosts highlight the lack of transparency in the healthcare industry and compare it to their own business. They also discuss the investments of Bill Gates in pharmaceutical companies and Elon Musk’s success in running companies with minimal staffing. The podcast also features discussions on censorship on social media platforms and the rise of crime rates in different cities. With a segment offering financial resources, The Financial Guys podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to learn and stay informed.

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Vaccine Lies & Misinformation

Welcome back to another fantastic episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, where money meets politics. Mike and Glenn talk about one of the biggest issues currently in the U.S., the COVID-19 vaccine. There are so many vaccine, lies, and misinformation all over the internet. The mainstream media is pushing the COVID vaccine agenda, especially toward the ages of 12 and under. President Biden wants kids younger than 12 to get the vaccine, but is it necessary and, more importantly, safe? Just because we do not want the rushed COVID vaccine doesn’t mean we are anti-vaxxers. Watch the episode for the latest news.