Tearing the Country Apart: Border Crisis, Crime Rates, and Financial Concerns

Welcome back to The Financial Guys Podcast, with your hosts, Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich. The United States is currently grappling with a border crisis, escalating crime rates, and financial concerns that are impacting the lives of its citizens. Mike Sperrazza, with his straightforward perspective, believes these issues are tearing the country apart, highlighting the border crisis, the surge in crime rates in major cities, and the financial concerns revolving around high interest rates and their impact on investments and the housing market. On the other hand, Mike Hoeflich, expressing disbelief in the government’s actions, argues that the current administration is not addressing these issues in the best interests of the American people, particularly the low-income or fixed-income individuals. He points to the border situation as evidence of the government’s disregard for its citizens’ well-being and urges people to vote accordingly in the upcoming elections. Join Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich as they delve deeper into these pressing issues in this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:01:26) Government Neglect and the Border Crisis

(00:19:46) Choosing Candidates for a Better America

(00:21:12) Alarming Crime Rates in Big Cities

(00:21:12) The Impact of High Interest Rates on Investments and Housing

(00:25:00) Engaging with Financial Guys Media Network


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