Left-Wing Policies: Destroying Economic Engines in Major Cities

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, we delve into the pressing socioeconomic issues plaguing New York State. Hosts, Mike Lomas and Ron Reinstein, bring their unique perspectives to the table, shaped by their experiences and observations. Lomas, critical of the Democratic socialist policies, attributes the state’s decline to these “miserable failures”, emphasizing the importance of safety and expressing disappointment in the high crime rates. Reinstein echoes these sentiments, expressing frustration with the high crime rates and the government’s lack of concern for safety. He also criticizes the wealthy individuals who avoid paying taxes while claiming to care about societal issues. Join us as Lomas and Reinstein dissect these issues and more on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:01:34) Government control of online content in New York State

(00:04:17) Decline in Safety and Quality of Life

(00:07:40) Detrimental effects of unconventional teaching methods

(00:10:06) The Devastating Effects of Left-Wing Policies

(00:13:32) The Impending Bankruptcy of New York State

(00:24:40) The Impact of Automation on Labor Market

(00:28:17) The Impact of Inflation on Prices


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