The Economic Impact of Business Owner Outmigration

Welcome back to another Financial Guys Podcast, with hosts, Mike Lomas and Ron Reinstein. We’re starting off today’s show with Nancy Orticelli. Nancy Orticelli is a passionate advocate for freedom and liberty, with a significant impact in Erie County through her involvement in the Constitution Coalition and the Erie County Conservatives. She brings a unique perspective on the internal GOP division and its impact on the business community, shaped by her extensive political experience, including her role as an executive board member for Assemblyman David Di Pietro and as the president of the Constitutional Coalition of New York State. Orticelli believes that the GOP’s failure to unite with grassroots organizations and focus on internal power struggles is detrimental to their ability to effectively support and represent the business community. She criticizes the GOP’s lack of fundraising skills and alienation of the public, which she believes has resulted in a lack of support from the business community. After talking with Nancy, Mike and Ron touch on businesses fleeing New York State and the impact of the government on poverty and immigration. Join Mike Lomas and Ron Reinstein as they delve into these topics on the this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.

(00:08:57) Lack of GOP Unity Hinders Grassroots Collaboration

(00:11:45) Business Community’s Forgotten Hardships and Support

(00:13:43) The Economic Impact of Business Owner Outmigration

(00:17:22) The Economic Consequences of Leaving New York

(00:26:24) The Impact of Government Policies on Poverty

(00:31:47) The Impact of Government Assistance on Immigration

(00:34:31) Critiquing Government Contracts and Corrupt Practices

(00:37:58) Negative Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses


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