BONUS episode – From Marine to Entrepreneur: Overcoming Challenges and Thriving

Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle are bringing you a bonus episode and interview as part of a new entrepreneurship mini-series! On this bonus episode, Mike and Glenn engage in a riveting conversation with Robby Dinero, a former Marine and tenacious gym owner. Their discussion unveils the formidable challenges of launching and sustaining a business, particularly in the tumultuous landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dinero’s journey serves as a beacon of resilience and determination, underscoring the sacrifices and personal impacts borne by business owners. The transition from a military career to entrepreneurship is a focal point, with Dinero emphasizing the need for purpose and fulfillment in post-military life. He recommends ventures like J-Dog Junk Removal and Hauling, a veteran-owned franchise that aligns with military values. Amidst the pandemic, starting a gym presented its own set of hurdles, and Dinero’s unwavering spirit prevailed through meticulous planning and strategic location selection. The episode also features insights from Mike Lomas, offering his perspective on launching new endeavors. J-Dog Junk Removal and Hauling’s remarkable journey from a modest operation to the nation’s largest veteran-owned franchise serves as inspiration for aspiring business owners. Ultimately, the episode champions the significance of resilience, adaptability, and strategic thinking in navigating the intricate path of business ownership, a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurs facing adversity head-on.