Migrant Placement in Western New York Hotels

In this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, hosts Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle delve into a riveting discussion on economic issues, political corruption, and social policies. Mike Lomas, with his critical perspective, questions the Democrats’ approach to equity and the implementation of Section Eight housing, drawing from his personal experiences in Cuba. He also criticizes the hypocrisy of certain activists and highlights the issue of theft and its impact on small businesses. Glenn Wiggle, on the other hand, holds the Democratic Party accountable for the current state of affairs, expressing skepticism towards socialism and accusing Democratic politicians of prioritizing their own financial gain over the well-being of the people they represent. Both hosts, with their conservative viewpoints, provide a thought-provoking analysis of these complex issues. Join Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast for an insightful discussion on these pressing matters.