Political Opportunism with Forgiato Blow

Welcome back to another TFG Exclusive Interview. Today Mike Sperrazza sits down with Forgiato Blow. Forgiato Blow, a conservative rapper, has been creating pro-Trump music since 2016, serving as a unique voice for a different generation of Trump supporters. His unique insights into the impact of Donald Trump on American politics stem from his experiences performing at Trump rallies and observing the strong support base for Trump, which he believes is often misrepresented by the media. Forgiato Blow admires Trump’s resilience and ability to relate to people’s struggles, and sees him as a unifying figure who has significantly impacted American politics. He also emphasizes the importance of personal growth and taking responsibility for one’s own success, values he believes align with Trump’s. Join Mike Sperrazza and Forgiato Blow on this TFG Exclusive Interview podcast to delve deeper into these perspectives.