The Urgent Need for a Leadership Change with Chrissy Casilio

Welcome back to another episode of The Financial Guys Podcast, with hosts Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich! Today the Mikes are joined by Chrissy Casilio. Chrissy Casilio, the Republican challenger for Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz, brings a unique perspective to the table with her background in journalism and passion for transparency. Casilio’s insights on the lack of leadership and transparency in the nursing home crisis are shaped by her firsthand experience as the owner of a marketing communication agency, where she worked with a nursing home group as a client. She witnessed the devastating impact of Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home order during the COVID-19 pandemic and expresses frustration at the lack of action from leaders like Cuomo and Mark Poloncarz. Casilio emphasizes the need for strong leadership and transparency in addressing the crisis, informed by her professional experience and personal connection to the issue. Join Mike Sperrazza, Mike Hoeflich, and Chrissy Casilio as they delve into these issues on this episode of The Financial Guys Podcast.