Punishing Parents

Join Mike Hoeflich and Mike Lomas on The Financial Guys Podcast as they discuss hot-button issues dominating the news cycle. Hear their take on Donald Trump’s recent indictment and the media’s lack of accountability in holding the government to transparency. The duo also discusses the controversial California bill that could punish parents for not allowing their children to undergo gender-affirming surgeries. Listen as they tackle sensitive issues like homelessness and drug addiction, criticizing the wealthy elite and political leaders for not doing enough to help. Don’t miss the sarcastic comments and biting humor as they wrap up the show. With thought-provoking discussions and unapologetic opinions, this podcast is not for the faint of heart. Tune in to The Financial Guys Podcast, hosted by the talented Mike Hoeflich and Mike Lomas, for a new perspective on the world’s current events.

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