High-speed Chases and Tim Scott’s Composure

Are you tired of the left pushing their agenda and attacking police officers? Look no further than The Financial Guys Podcast hosted by Mike Sperrazza and Mike Hoeflich. In their latest episode, the duo discusses the shooting of a driver by a police officer, questioning why some individuals are criticizing the officer’s actions. They also talk about the danger that police officers face every day and how civilians can reduce their risk. The hosts interview a police officer who loves his job, but who admits that he wouldn’t become a cop if he was a young guy today. The conversation shifts to politics, with the hosts lauding Republican senator Tim Scott’s composed reaction to criticism from the TV show, The View. However, the hosts criticize Sunny Hostin for repeatedly pushing a leftist agenda and argue that America is becoming a more perfect union. They also poke fun at a recent news story about vending machines in New York City that offer free crack pipes to drug users. Overall, if you want a podcast that will make you think, The Financial Guys Podcast is the perfect choice.

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